Outlook Client (2007 or 2010) - once your mailbox has been moved.

Once your mailbox has been moved to the Office 365 system, you will see the following windows when trying to open or use outlook for the first time after the move is complete:

If your outlook was open at the time of the move, you may see:

This is expected, as your outlook is attempting to preview a message from the old location.  Dismiss this message if you see it.

Once the move is complete, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

This screen is how you will authenticate with the office 365 system.  The username must be in the “suffix” format – for example, Jennifer Smith would use:


Your password will be the same one you use to log in to your computer each morning.  We recommend you check the box to “Remember my credentials,” as this will save you the trouble of having to enter them each time you open outlook.

You may see the password prompt in the future when you change your password.  Simply update your password and confirm that the checkbox is set to remember it and you can continue normally.


Finally, you may see the following message box:

This screen is expected – it is telling you that we have moved the mailbox and outlook needs to restart so it can update itself with the new location and connection information.



Now that your email has moved, your outlook web access, the way most users access their email when they are away from their building, will have a new address during the transitional period.  Http://Greatnews.Brevardschools.org will take you to your web mail.