Office 365 recommended communication guide

Because email has become so important to our day-to-day work, we ask that information be communicated to your teachers and staff before your site is migrated.  We have put together several documents, and posted each to a web page, that should help make the transition as smooth as possible.  If you have additional documents or see a need for additional documents, please share them so we can make this transition as smooth as possible for all of our users.

Location on tech resources:


Location on the internet (accessible to all):

Documents for your teachers and staff:

Once Your Mailbox Is moved to the cloud (Office 365):

Probably the most important, please make sure each user sees this and understands the prompts they may see well ahead of time.  This should make the transition very simple and easy, but if a user is unaware of the prompts they may see, they may not be comfortable connecting their outlook clients and will, in turn, call you and be without email until they are able to get your help. 

Connecting your Android or IOS device to your office 365 email:

These documents outline how to connect users’ mobile devices to their work email accounts.  Note that most devices do not let you change an account from one to another, so the old BPS account will need to be removed from the mobile device and a new one created.

Office 365 Troubleshooting.doc

This outlines troubleshooting steps we have identified that will help users that are not able to connect using the above documentation.  This document is for meant for you, the tech-savvy crowd, but you may share it your teachers and staff if you wish.  If you find additional steps or fixes, please share them so that we can keep that document up to date.

Office 365 recommended communication guide.doc

This is the document you are reading – if you have suggestions on how to make it better, please share.


What we recommend:

We understand that the time frame on this migration is moving quickly – this is due to the fact that our current mail system is not stable, and this migration is long overdue.  Still, we feel that with proper communication, this will go very smoothly. 

We recommend you send the ‘Once your mailbox is moved.doc’ file to your teachers now, a couple days ahead of your migration, and the morning before your migration, just to make sure they have all seen it.  Also, if it is possible, it is recommended you show it to them in person one time at a faculty meeting.  This is also a great time to show them the instructions web link (linked above.)

We recommend sending the documents for mobile devices at least two times before the migration, and as needed after the migration.  You may also want to send them the link for the instructions web page during these communications.

We recommend a few printed copies of each document be placed in common areas a few days before the migration so that teachers who desire a hard copy will have one available. 

If you have further recommendations that you feel would help the district, please let us know.  We want to have as little impact on each user as possible, while bringing them a much better and more stable service!