Office 365 Troubleshooting


  1. If outlook prompts repeatedly for username and password but never connects:
    1. Ensure the username is correct and is in the format – it should match their email address exactly
    2. Ensure the password entered is the Active Directory password and not an as400 or some other password
    3. Attempt to log them in to OWA through the link

                                                              i.      Does it show them as unlicensed?  Please contact Patti Miner, Chris Keen, and/or Barrett Puschus and they will correct the issue immediately

                                                            ii.      Are they able to get in with no issue?  This typically means the machine is missing windows updates.  You can either run windows updates, or from the OWA portal, on the right, click ‘Downloads’ and then select to run the ‘Set up and configure your Office desktop apps’ – this will run all the needed updates to make the client behave correctly.



    1. Still not working?  Reboot the machine, and if still it will not connect, but OWA is working, please report the problem to Patti Miner, Chris Keen, and Barrett Puschus and they will find the solution.  Please ask the user to use OWA for the time being until the problem can be solved.
  1. Outlook is not connecting, and is not prompting for my password
    1. Try closing and re-openning outlook, then give it a minute to see if it discovers the new mail settings.
    2. If that does not work, change the mail settings manually – instead of, change the server to
    3. If still it is not connecting, follow the troubleshooting above from section 1, starting at step c (attempt to log in to OWA, etc.) and if no resolution is found, please contact Patti Miner, Chris Keen, and Barrett Puschus and they will find a solution to the problem.


Have you found other troubleshooting procedures that work for you?  Please share them!