Connecting your Android device to your Office 365 email

Please know that by connecting your mobile device to your work email account, you are compelled to abide by the same guidelines and policies as you would at school on your district-owned devices.  Connecting your mobile device to your work email also gives the district the ability to remotely wipe your device back to the original factory load, causing loss of personal data.  The district shall exercise this ability should your device be stolen or compromised.

To connect your Android device to your work email:

Enter the settings page, then under the accounts category, tap ‘Add account’ and choose ‘Corporate’

On the following page, enter your email address and the password you use to log in to your work computer each morning, and then tap ‘Next’

The device will attempt to locate the email settings.  On the screen below, change the ‘username’ field to be your full email address ( and the server to be

Ensure the ‘Use secure connection (SSL)’ is checked, then tap ‘Next’



You will be given the following warning – if you agree, tap ‘OK’

The device will present you with account options, select the options you prefer and tap ‘Next’

You will be able to give the account a name, so you can distinguish it easily from other email accounts you have on your device.  Finally, you will be presented with another warning stating the abilities the email administrators will have over your device. 


If you agree to these terms, tap Activate and your account is now connected to your Android mobile device.